Name. Amber Katelynn Amore
Age. 20
Relationship. Taken
Sexual Orientation. Pansexual
From. Canada

As life continues to change me and enlighten me, few things remain constant.
People will always disappoint and amaze you, remain open yet keep your true self guarded. 
The Earth is your friend, it will always support you and give you truly what you need.
And that love is necessary, but you must love yourself and understand yourself before you can truly bring another human into your existance.

I use this blog as an outlet for myself. It is a collection of my interests and hobbies along with items, objects, or people I find unique or of interest. I appreciate those who enjoy my blogs, and do appologies if closing my ask has limited contact but for the time being I am posting mainly for myself. I feel its best for me to close off and enjoy my time privatly. Although I may share time from time insight into my life, it is more of a journal like nature.

What is Pansexual? 

Well to me it means you fall in love with a personality. Gender doesn’t matter. If I like you, I like you. Someone once told me “When you fall in love with someone, its not you falling in love, its your soul. Your soul is falling in love with another soul. Our souls are genderless, our souls are blind, our souls do not judge and do not discriminate. If you can open your mind, and allow your soul to find the right person not based on looks or gender, you will finally be happy.”

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